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The Eddy Awards entry process has been simplified and upgraded and is now online. Once you create a user profile, you will be taken to the entry form, which you then complete. You’ll need to tell us who the plan sponsor and service provider are, when applicable; the category; type of plan; and number of participants. Next, explain the goal of the investment education program as well as the success at meeting the goals of the program. You will be able to enter the URLs of any supporting online components. You WILL NOT be able to upload PDF files of any documents. All printed materials must be mailed (as in snail mail or overnight delivery).

Submitting your entry:
Please print your completed entry forms and send it to us with all the supporting PRINTED materials. Even though we now have a web-based entry form, we still require printed materials in hard-copy format. Please include original pieces if you can. Judges want to see, feel, touch, open, flip, read the entry just as the plan participant would.

NOTE: For programs with multiple parts and stages, we’d greatly appreciate a timeline of what went out when.

For digital components please upload URL to the submission site. If you would like the judges to review a password-protected website, please make sure you also include on the online entry form a username and password. The password must be valid until March 10, 2016. Please include a contact person and phone number in case we have a problem accessing the website.

If you are submitting a joint entry (plan sponsor and service provider), you must also submit a signed Plan Sponsor Acknowledgement Form to verify that a plan executive is aware of, and authorizes, the entry. Winning joint entries will be recognized at the awards luncheon with two awards, one for the plan sponsor and another for the service provider.



$150 per entry

Payments are processed online through a secure website.

Your credit card will be billed and processed only once if you submit multiple entries at the same time. Otherwise, we will bill your credit card each time we receive an entry.


Once you complete the online submission form, please print out a copy and mail with the supporting printed materials to

Trilbe Wynne
Pensions & Investments
150 N. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL  60601

To confirm arrival of your entry please contact Trilbe Wynne at (312) 649-5407 • twynne@pionline.com


Deadline to submit entries to the 2016 Eddy Awards is October 9, 2015